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Kitchen Designer Scrapbook  - Instant Architect

Kitchen Designer Scrapbook - Instant Architect

Instant Architect

Layout for Sketchup, 


2D Cad blocks for quick modelling of kitchens floor plans and elevations.


As a rule, we fill our library with accurate and strict drawings, whether it be furniture or interior elements, but this time we decided to move away from commonly accepted standards and created a new unique set of furniture for kitchens in an artistic style. Such a set of furniture will bring originality to any Sketchup project. Thanks to it, you can fill your plans with unique CAD blocks of furniture you will not find anywhere else.


What's inside?


All amenities required for quickly detailing kitchens in both floor plan and elevation.


Including the highest of quality cad blocks:

  • Kitchen Sinks - Plan and Elevation,
  • Kitchen Appliances - Plan and Elevation,  
  • Ranges - Plan and Elvation 
  • Range Hoods - Plan and Elevation 
  • Saving the Scrapbook Set

    This is a living document that you will evolve over time.
    NOTE: Delete/Modify/Add to suit your drawing standard. 

    To save this Scrapbook Set: 
    1. Clean up, delete/add pages and modify to suit your standards
    2. File > Save as Scrapbook
    3. It will now be accessible from the Scrapbook dropdown whenever you open Layout.

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